Past Projects

Here are some of the projects I've worked on in the past (ones I'm allowed to post). Most of my machine learning experience comes in the form of deep learning or reinforcement learning, as well as some computer vision. This list will hopefully continue to grow!


Imitation Guided Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation

Directed studies project in my final year at UBC, carried out at the PLAI Group under Dr. Frank Wood's supervision. We tested methods for using imitation learning models as prior knowledge in a reinforcement learning training scheme. We mostly used Trust Region Policy Optimization and Proximal Policy Optimization methods in our experiments, and explored ways of incorporating an informed prior.

Collaborators: PLAI Group UBC | report

COVID-19 Classification from X-Ray Chest Images

One part of the final exam for the UBC Machine Learning course (CPSC 340, 2020WT2). Given a dataset of 70 chest X-ray images with 'COVID'/'not COVID' labels, we were tasked with building a machine learning classifier optimizing for the beta F-score. We developed an ensemble model consisting of 70 lightweight neural networks trained under a leave-one-out data splitting regime, to address the size and imbalance of the data. This achieved an F-score of 0.96551 on the test set.

Collaborators: Rodrigue de Schaetzen | report | code